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Gem Issue, Gpl Dead

28 Sep 2016

Everything has been fine with GPL for ages, changed mods via Gem occasionally, etc.  A couple of weeks ago my vid card, an aging 5670, died;  installed an even older 8500GT while deciding on a replacement and reverted to a smaller monitor - 1440x900 - for the interim.  Changed all games settings accordingly.  GPL still working fine; though a couple of other games stopped working (arcade game "Egyptoid" - log file states,  "! Error ! D3DCREATE_HARDWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING" - and a favorite fps "No One Lives Forever 2", no messages just locks up when loading a save).

Installed the new vid card, GTX950, this past weekend and returned to the 1080 monitor.  All seemed well with GPL til I tried to change from the F2 mod back to the F1 cars, all fields in Gem+ changed appropriately, game started, got to the "driver info, team info, etc.", clicking to proceed gets a CTD with that useless windows message "the instruction at 'blah,blah' referenced memory at...".  Tried again, same result.  Tried returning to the F2 mod, which had been working just a couple of hours earlier, and Gem says it is rebuilding the F2 exe, then crashes with a simple "error" window

Attached File  gem.png   532.42K   29 downloads

Clicking OK there does nothing.  Repeatedly clicking OK, about a dozen times, gets

Attached File  gem_4.png   17.97K   32 downloads

I OK that and Gem closes.

If I start Gem and close it without doing anything else, I get

Attached File  gem_3.png   35.26K   19 downloads

Select "No" and Gem closes, select "Yes" and it's back to the error box.

Debug.txt will show:
"*** Error Message ***
Patching errors found for j:\sierra\gpl\gplc65.exe"
though the .exe listed is different each time (as are the .exe files present in GPL).

The first time I checked Gem's logs there was something about "...procedure call to app", but I didn't think to copy that and it was overwritten.

The patch log contains:
"OpenExe: Couldn't open j:\sierra\gpl\gpl_f3.exe
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

PatchWithData: No executable is currently open for patching
PatchWithData: No executable is currently open for patching
PatchWithData: No executable is currently open for patching
-(repeated numerous times)-

PatchWithXml: No executable is currently open for patching
PatchWithXml: No executable is currently open for patching
PatchWithXml: No executable is currently open for patching
-(repeated numerous times)-

UpdateResourceStringA: No executable is currently open for patching
SaveExe: No executable is currently open for patching
-(repeated numerous times)-"

I tried deleting all but the original gpl.exe so Gem would rebuild everything, but it just results in the same string of events.

I mentioned those other games because I had a similar issue years ago cured by installing the "DX9c redist" files (yes, DX10, 11, etc. are backwards compatible but many older games are not "forward compatible", they are looking for a DX install but newer DX versions are integral to windows, not individual installs ...at least that is how a programmer described the situation).  So I tried another DX9 reinstall;  it shows copying a handful of files then says it is done ...but nothing changes.  In fact I can run that installer repeatedly and it shows copying those same files each time.

(FWIW, Egyptoid only requires DX8;  NOLF2 is even older and is known for being picky about vid drivers.)

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How To Completely Uninstall The Digital Display Monitor?

Yesterday, 03:30 PM

After installing this program I've had a dramatic loss in frame rates. I'm running Win10 and all was fine until I installed this program.

The directions with the addon say:

+ Un-installation
An un-install entry is added to Windows registry.

I searched the reg and found nothing. Any help directing me to this complete uninstall would be greatly appreciated.



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Fark You Bill Gates Fark You Microsoft

29 Sep 2016

since last nights forced update of w10 i carnt run gpl online or off

when i press the green button it will start loading but will then revert back to gem

so next i allowed the gem glp + gpl mods in the firewall still the same thing happens

then i turned off the firewall n defender same again

apart from going back to xp or win7 is there anything else i can do?

has this happened to anyone else?

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A Few Monaco Rocks! Small Fixes

25 Sep 2016

Posted by gliebzeit in GPL-Track Addons
While driving around Monaco today I noticed a few issues with mip files not having their invisible color set.  Some were within the original Papyrus monaco.dat file (not updated by Monaco Rocks!) and another was an actual Monaco Rocks! mip file.  Here are the fixes.

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Help With G25 Wheel

27 Sep 2016

my wheel keeps defaulting to an older logitech wheel (the blue one ) in the logi profilier ( lgs 510 x64 )

in the past i would just uninstall reinstall the profiler that would fix the problem

but now when i do that all i get is the blue wheel

i think i read somewhere on here someone had the same thing happen but i couldnt find it

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